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Chartering A Yacht In Antibes | France

Chartering a Yacht in Antibes is one of the most magical yachting experiences one can have in the South Of France by far. Our Yacht Charters in Antibes start from a daily charter and can go as long as a week or two since there are so many remote areas to explore as we sail the crystal clear blue waters with our amazing clients and cater to their every need while onboard our Antibes Yacht Charter in order to make sure everyone onboard has the best experience with us here at Princess Charter Yachts.
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Discover Antibes | France

Antibes, France is a very popular destination for Yacht Charters due to its perfect sailing conditions as well as crystal blue waters which look magical as one sails through the French Riviera while enjoying a cold refreshment provided by the stewardess on board and enjoying freshly baked pastries by your personal chef. Princess Charter Yachts has been serving the Antibes area for over 17 years and is extremely knowledgeable of the fun and entertaining local yachting activities nearby to make sure each of our guests enjoy while onboard our magnificent Yacht Charters In Antibes, France.
Yacht Charters In Antibes, France

Luxury Yacht For Charter In Antibes France

Chartering a Yacht in Antibes is the ultimate pinnacle of luxury when it comes to the yachting world and creates such amazing memories of beauty never experienced beforehand. Princess Charter Yachts has perfected the craft of yacht charters on the French Riviera by simply doing many thousands of charters and learning to focus on what makes our guests happy and comfortable when they are sailing with our crew members which is why each crew member is hand selected to represent us onboard our Yacht Rentals in Antibes and always exceed guest expectations.

Discover Antibes by Yacht Charter

Antibes is an exclusive town on the French Riviera that offers history, picturesque views, and an ambiance that is pleasant and charming. Antibes is situated very conveniently along the French Riviera making it a popular destination to embark or disembark a Yacht Charter due to its proximity to Nice Airport. This picturesque resort town offers pristine beaches, fine dining, a remarkable historic city centre filled with cobblestone streets, and much more. Princess Charter Yachts can assist you with creating a custom-tailored itinerary for your Yacht Rental in Antibes that will include recommendations to the most popular sites around Antibes including Cap d’Antibes and many other locations along the French Riviera.
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