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Frequently Asked Questions | Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean

Responses to the most Frequently Asked questions about our yacht Charters

Why Charter a Luxury Yacht?

A Private Yacht Charter is the most exclusive and luxurious Vacation one can experience in the Mediterranean. Our Yacht Charter Experts at Princess Yacht Charters will ensure you are catered to at the highest level of luxury from the moment you step on board your Yacht Charter. Every detail will be completely personalized to your exact requests and specifications. Enjoy Ultimate serenity, privacy, and beauty through visiting Private Offshore Islands on your Crewed Yacht Charter where you will find yourself completly immersed in the luxurious lifestyle by having our crew members meet your every request on board your Yacht Charter.
Experience the Pinnacle of luxury, stunning picturesque views, First Class service, and Memories that will last a lifetime on board your Yacht Rental. Embark on a truly magical journey with your lovely guests as we take control and allow you to unwind while onboard your charter yacht in order to fully unwind in the ultimate luxury experience that a Private Yacht Charter Vacation in the Mediterranean has to offer.

What is APA?

APA stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance. It is an additional fee which will cover all other operating costs that you will incur throughout your Yacht Charter. These costs include all the extras such as (but are not limited to) Fuel Expenses, Food & Beverage Provisions, local taxes, port and harbor costs, customs. The APA is usually between 30%-40% of the Charter fee. The captain is obligated to keep all records and receipts and any APA not used will be returned to you at the end of your Yacht Charter period. If at any point during your Yacht Charter, your expenses exceed the APA (Higher fuel consumption, rare and expensive liquors,requests for the finest meats, caviar etc.) you will be required to reimburse the funds prior to disembarking your Yacht Charter.  

Can I start a yacht charter in one country and disembark in another?

Certainly, you can Embark your yacht charter in one Destination and Disembark your Yacht charter in another Destination in a completly different country. Please note that you might incure additional delivery/redelivery fees for this type of service.

Where can the Yacht pick us up from?

Our Charter specialists will send you a selection of Yachts with a high priority on your preferred city in which you wish to embark/Disembark. If you would like to embark or disembark in a location besides for the Yachts 'home base' you will be responsible for the delivery and redelivery fees that will be incured as an additional expense.

What is Included in the Charter fee?

Your Yacht Charter fee generally covers the Rental cost of the Yacht and any crew and water toys that are included in it.

Am I required to Pay Gratuity?

It is customary to leave gratuity If you are completely satisfied with your captain and crew and believe they have been extremely helpful and professional to your overall Yacht Charter experience. This is however, entirely up to you and at your own descretion. It is recommended to leave between 5%-10% of the inital charter amount.

Am I Required to bring my Passport on a Yacht Charter?

Each Guest on board a yacht Charter is required to have their passport on-board at all times. Ensure that you and all members of your group have their passports with them when preparing for your yacht charter, or you may not be able to board the vessel.
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Is VAT included in the Price of my Yacht Charter?

VAT (Valued Added Tax) is usually not included in the yacht charter fee. The rate of VAT varies between countries. Based on your desired crusing area and itnerary, your yacht charter expert will inform you of the applicable VAT rate.

What are the Payment Conditions?

Once you are ready to reserve a Yacht, you will be required to pay a deposit in order to confirm your booking for your desired date and time. The deposit amount requested will be based on the booking date of the signed contract and the date of your Yacht Charter.

How Much will Fuel Cost?

The cost of fuel will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of Yacht, engine size, engine consumption, distance to your desired travel destinations on your itinerary and weather conditions.

How Can I pay for my Yacht Charter?

The most standard way of paying for your Yacht Charter is by Bank Transfer. Prior to making your inital payment, your Charter Expert will provide you with a full invoice outlining the payments due in the currency of your Yacht Charter.

Can Princess Charter Yachts assist with restaurant Reservations and Recommendations?

At Princess Charter Yachts our Experts are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of your Yacht Charter. They will certainly be able to assist you regarding the ultimate places to enjoy premium dining and beverages around the Mediterranean. Advise us of your preferred dining locations and any special preferences/specifications that you may have (type of food, ambiance etc.) and our Specialists will recommend a variety of excellent options. Your Crew on board your Luxury Yacht Charter will also be a great source in making some amazing recommendations. 

Can I disembark the Yacht Charter to explore a town or dine at a restaurant?

Yes, you can choose disembark at your desired city/town to explore, dine, and enjoy. Please inform our charter specialists prior to your Yacht Charter if you already know of desired locations that you would like to visit. If you decide to spontaneously explore a picturesque seaside village, relate your request with your captain who will do what he/she can to accommodate to the best of their ability.

Can I Choose the food and beverages to be served and prepared on a yacht charter?

Of course! You can request any food or beverages (at an additional cost to you) you desire to have on board Your Luxury Private Yacht Charter. Our team will make sure that all aspects of your Yacht Charter are up to your standard and custom tailored preferences, the crew on board will be fully informed and prepared for your arrival. You will recieve a preference sheet prior to your Yacht Charter, this allowes you the ability to detail your preferences. This is where you can specify the specific ingredients that you would like used and any special dietary requirements you or any person in your group may have. During your Yacht Charter, our highly skilled crew will be ready to cater to your custom requests and organize any other detailed specified. The chef will also check in with you so you will be able to communicate meals that you want made.
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How are Provisions Created for my Yacht Charter?

Once you have you chosen your Luxury Yacht and have been through the process of booking your charter, you will be given a preference sheet to complete. This is for your crew to fully prepare for you and your group's specific requirements, preferences and expectations. completing this list is an essential part of your yacht charter process as it is necessary to advise us on you and your guest's needs including but not limited to: preferences, dietary requirements, medical needs, allergies, habits or any other special requests. This allows our team and crew to be fully aware and prepared to cater to you at the highest level and provide you with the ultimate Luxuy Yacht Charter Experience for your and your party.

Should I Rent a Motor Yacht, Sailing Yacht, Catamaran, or Motor Boat?

This is entirely up to you and what you are looking to get out of your Yacht Charter. Each type of yacht for rent has different benefits since there are key distinctions between Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, and Catamarans. Our Charter Experts will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have to choose between one of our Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, or Catamaran Yachts for Charter.

What is the role of crew on a yacht charter?

Princess Charter Yachts goes through an extensive process to ensure your crew on board your Yacht Charter are of the most experienced and professsional in the Yachting industry in order to ensure we provide with the highest care and Luxury service to our clients. Our highly skilled Crew will cater to you on-board your yacht charter to gaurantee that you have the ultimate luxury Yachting vacation. The number and type of crew depends on the yacht you choose to charter and your charter expert will specify the amount of crew members and their positions before you book. Your Captain be in charge of navigating the vessel and getting you to your desired locations on your custom made itinerary, the extra crew memebers will be in charge of tasks such as putting together your cuisine, serving you and your guests food and beverages, cleaning, teaching water sport activities such as snorkeling, paddle boarding, water skiing wakeboarding and so much more. Your Crew will all be highly skilled and very knowleable in an abundance of skills and attributes to ensure that your Yacht Charter Experience is the Best it can possibly be so that you will be able to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle while on board your Yacht Charter and create memories of a lifetime.

Can you Provide Itinerary Suggestions for my Yacht charter?

Our team of specialists will be more than happy to offer recommendations and propose thoughfully outlined itineraries based on your desired cruising locations. It is also important to note that your Yacht Charter Captain will be very well versed in providing you and your guests with the ultimate locations, islands, towns, swimming areas to visit, he will also be able to advise you on how weather may or may not affect your outlined itinerary. As soon as you reserve your yacht and let us know your desired cruising locations, and what you would like to get out of your Yacht Charter, your charter expert will begin to design a personalized itinerary for you and your guests in unison with your captain.

How long can I charter a yacht for?

The amount of time you can charter a Yacht for depends on the Yacht you choose and its availability. Most Mega Yachts require a minimum charter period of 1 week. Based on availability, yachts can be chartered for as long as you desire. If you would like to charter a yacht for a extended period of time it is advised to book far out in advance to guarantee availability.
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